Our Products

We believe that small business tools should not take a large chunk out of your wallet.
We believe small business tools should be functional and easy to use.
We believe that innovation should be driven by the customer's needs and wants..



DayTrakk is an Online Calendar Management Suite built for Small Business owners that provides on-the-go access to daily work schedules and reports.

Our Mission

We, the employees of AndOrExclusive, are committed to delivering superior service
that meets the needs of our customers in a consistent manner
unsurpassed in professionalism, politeness, and promptness.

Our Values

We provide excellent service: We impress our customers with the quality and timeliness of our services.
We are honest and straightforward: We provide a genuine and consistent contribution and we act with honor and goodwill.
We value our customers: We will treat everyone we encounter as we wish to be treated, with integrity and respect.
We encourage innovation: We encourage and support customer innovation suggestions, and enhancement requests.